The company iKuCCiNi is located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, China, it's belong to LAMPLO GROUP. The LAMPLO GROUP was founded in 2009 and has a factory building of 15,000 square inch. With more than 13 years of experience in lighting production, it has become a professional manufacturer of office, commercial, engineering lighting and LED lamps. The products have been widely used in various large shopping malls, hospitals, offices, airport terminals, schools and other indoor places, and there are many successful examples in large-scale engineering applications at home and abroad. We adhere to the enterprise spirit of pragmatic and innovative, and continue to forge ahead as a continuation, development and innovator of light culture.

Advanced production equipment and production processes are the basis for our survival and development. At the beginning of the company's establishment, there are standard workshops for stamping, installation, spraying and welding. There are more than 100 sets of punching machines, milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, production aging lines, integrating spheres, etc., and more than 3,000 production molds are realized. More than 100,000 sets.


The company's reputation is derived from the product's rock-solid qualities.

In the selection of materials, strict inspection of incoming materials is carried out to strictly control the quality. In terms of quality inspection, we strictly implement sampling inspection and inspection of products, and strengthen supervision and control over the whole process of production. In the inspection of finished products, the pressure test and power-on test are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, so that non-conforming products are not delivered. All our products have passed UL, ETL, CUL, 3C, CE, ROHS and other quality certification.

The company has a marketing team, can effectively communicate with domestic and foreign customers, and meet the needs of customers in a timely manner, is our proud side; we are good at developing new products and special products for customers, from concept design, model and prototype production, production and shipping, etc. Continue to meet customer requirements. The global sales network and service system is the channel advantage for the company to become stronger and stronger. Sincere service, high-quality products and honest business have enabled us to maintain long-term and win-win cooperation with major distributors.

Providing quality products and satisfactory service is a good gift for our customers. The company's integrity has won the favor of many lighting companies.

It is the company's long-cherished goal to create a brand, cultivate a brighter career, and sculpt the light culture. We have not stopped at today's achievements, constantly forging ahead, actively innovating, creating a more glorious historical chapter, leading the corporate mission of healthy light culture, and constantly forging ahead, constantly creating a glamorous light space.

The perfect combination of light and light is the charm of light space. We create a better space for enjoyment with technology and art. In the change of light and shadow, let the space be agile, and people who pursue high-quality life create a space of light with harmony and charm, making your life more colorful.

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